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We are open from 6:00 A.M. until 4 P.M. Winter season ( Springer season  5.30AM to 5:00 PM Sun - Thurs. 5:30 AM - 6:00 Fri.- Sat. ) seven days a week and we are located 20 minutes South of Tillamook at the junction of Hwy.101 and Hwy. 22  in the town of Hebo, Oregon.  Our location is central to all of the local bays and coastal rivers in Tillamook County and the surrounding area which includes Tillamook Bay, Nestucca bay, Nestucca River, Little Nestucca River , Trask, Kilchis, Siletz, Wilson,  Miami and Tillamook  rivers where some of Oregon's finest Chinook (King) salmon and steelhead fishing takes place.  We offer guided drift boat fishing trips utilizing fly fishing or bait and tackle techniques on all our local rivers daily with the top guides in the area.  We are able to accommodate large groups of 8 or more anglers with advance notice. We also offer guided half day Crabbing or sight seeing trips.  There are  a number of lakes in the area that are stocked with trout year round that make for fun fishing for kids and adults alike.









01/17/17 Rain is here!  Now our waters and temps should be warming up and melting snow. We had a few out to brave the wet and wind. Not a lot of reports to mention since there were so few out. One of our boats we shuttled got one. I heard of a few lost. Mostly wet fishermen! We wait to see just what the river will do since they kept lowering the predictions for the river to go up. What comes comes! we will always have the fisherman that caught his best one in the parking lot at Three Rivers...... When the river comes into shape there ought to be more broodstock. Get prepared!

 12/30/2016 Very busy day on the river. The bid Nestucca is prime at 6.5 feet this afternoon. Color is beautiful and the fishing was pretty good too. Not February good but definitely December early January good. Talked with hatchery and ODFW staff yesterday and today. Cedar creek hatchery re-cycled 120 steelhead just yesterday. According to ODFW staff this brings the total so far to over 300 steelhead re-cycled. For those with inquiring minds, these fish are taken down to the guardrail hole in Pacific City for release. I'm told that a few of them, depending on water conditions, can end up back at the hatchery in less than a day. Fortunately most of them take a few days longer. There has been a mix of wild and hatchery fish anywhere from 6th bridge to Cloverdale. From my conversations with boaters and fishermen I think the odds of a hatchery fish, at least right now, are better from first bridge down. Saturday and Sunday are free fishing days no license or tag required. It is not necessary to tag your fish , however all the rules about size and limits are still in force as are all other regulations.

12/24/2016 Nestucca is perfect height and color: I don't know how many of you will be able to come and fish since Christmas should be the main focus for most of you.  Having said that, the water is the best it has been so far for all of December. Yes we are catching some steelhead. Fishing should just get better from here on as long as we have favorable water conditions. Believe it or not we are still seeing a small number of Chinooks. One a day for the last two days. I don't recommend targeting them, however they can be a real surprise and a handful on lighter steelhead gear. Due to traveling I won't be open until 8:00 AM the day after Christmas. That shouldn't be a big deal because it doesn't get light until around 7:45. Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and we will see you on the other side.

12/17/2016 Finally something to talk about: As most of you know the rivers on the coast have been high and muddy and unfishable for the last ten days. With the exception of the hatchery hole at Three Rivers, there hasn't been anything to talk about except how wet, how cold, how high, how mudddy well you get the idea. Yesterday (Friday) The Nestucca dropped to around 6.5 feet and was a perfect steelhead green, we had eight shuttles. Those were our first in several days. Reports weren't sterling but there were a few steelhead caught and one really bright Chinook salmon. Most are drifting from 1st bridge to Three Rivers. Hatchery staff at Cedar Creek hatchery on Three Rivers let us know that they have been recycling steelhead from the trap at the hatchery. As of a couple of days ago they had recycled around 70 winter steelhead. I want to know. A fellow fisherman E-mailed me anonymously to say that he thought that I should be reporting dailey, "even though he knew the water was crappy" and because I wasn't he was going to go spend his money fishing the Alsea and not coming here. What I want to know is, what web-site is he going to to get his reports from the Alsea. I'm not aware of anyone giving reports on that river. Oh well, I'm not going to report on nothing, I have better things to do with my time. You can rest assured that if there is something to report I will be there with the info. I run a business it does me no good to with hold information that could benefit us all.

12/16/16     Water cold but sun out  Nice sunny day and a few fish caught. River is a great color.                    

 12/06/16 Cold temps and a little snow! are bringing the river down. Several fish were hooked....and lost., yet some were caught. One hooked and lost a Salmon and the others were Steelhead. Not many fishermen out. Mornings can be slippery, so if you decide to come, drive safe. Not any boaters out yet since before this last big storm. Looks like we may dip down to 6.5 ft by Thursday. River color is looking better all the time. This weekend we head back into rain. Fri-Sun will put some more ft. back onto the river. We will be on & off fishing for a bit! Lets hope it doesn't blow out so recovery time will be fast.

12/02/2016   Nestucca is finally fishable: Hope you all had a nice Thanksgiving! Now it's time to concentrate on fishing. The Nestucca River until today has been, in my opinion, unfishable. That is changing rapidly.  Five days ago the Nestucca River was at 14.57 feet and chocolate brown. Today the Nestucca has dropped to 7.2  feet. By tomorrow the Nestucca should be under 7 feet. The color is now greening up and looking very good. According to the folks at Cedar Creek hatchery, steelhead are here. The hatchery staff has notified us that they have started  recycleing steelhead from the trap at the hatchery a few days ago. There will still be a handful of bright Chinook around that are late comers off the ocean but those numbers will be small. I would target steelhead and deal with the surprise Chinook if that should occur. Yes we are running shuttles, we have a few today.









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