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We are open from 6:00 A.M. until 4 P.M. ( Springer season  6.00AM to 6:00 PM ) seven days a week and we are located 20 minutes South of Tillamook at the junction of Hwy.101 and Hwy. 22  in the town of Hebo, Oregon.  Our location is central to all of the local bays and coastal rivers in Tillamook County and the surrounding area which includes Tillamook Bay, Nestucca bay, Nestucca River, Little Nestucca River , Trask, Kilchis, Siletz, Wilson,  Miami and Tillamook  rivers where some of Oregon's finest Chinook (King) salmon and steelhead fishing takes place.  We offer guided drift boat fishing trips utilizing fly fishing or bait and tackle techniques on all our local rivers daily with the top guides in the area.  We are able to accommodate large groups of 8 or more anglers with advance notice. We also offer guided half day Crabbing or sight seeing trips.  There are  a number of lakes in the area that are stocked with trout year round that make for fun fishing for kids and adults alike.






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 10/31/2014  Should fish well today. Last night I mentioned that I didn't think the NOAA prediction of 6.7 feet would come to be, and lo and behold here we are this fine morning with NOAA still showing the predicted river way up there and the reality is here we sit at 5.87 feet, still on the drop, and the Nestucca is perfect river height for drifting today. I hope not too many were scared off by the predictions. Yesterday I related that many Coho were being caught, but there were also lots of kings. As boaters came off the river late afternoon we learned that many Chinooks were being caught as well. We had a chrome bright 36 plus  pounder weighed in late yesterday, man that is truly a lot of fish in one package. Traffic was lighter yesterday than it was on Tuesday and Wednesday. Weather predictions had much to do with that. Folks were calling non stop wanting to know how bad the river got. Truth was it dropped all day, color was great, and for those that ventured out fishing wasn't bad either.

10/30/20104 Good day fishing. The Nestucca dropped all night to 6 feet this morning. It fished pretty well especially from 1st bridge to Three Rivers. Many more Coho are being caught than Chinooks. Seems like ODFW has missed the predicted runs of Coho, my belief is that there are far more Coho than predicted. Too bad we can't retain a few in the river. Seems like there is a disconnect between predicted river conditions and reality. According to NOAA the rains were supposed to have started this morning and the river was predicted to be well on its way to 6.7 feet. Reality is, it hasn't rained at all today and so far the river continues to drop. Unless we have a major rain event this evening it is hard to imagine the river at 6.7feet. Please note I didn't say impossible, its just that at this point it looks unlikely.

10/27/14 River levels are good. This morning the Nestucca started at 5.97 ,floated up and down a couple of tenths but basically stayed put. The color is great and the fishing for Chinooks was pretty sweet. Lots of folks limited today and there were reports of quite a few more Coho around again today. Remember no Coho can be retained in the river. I can't tell you what the river will be like tomorrow. One caller got mad at me today because I told him I didn't know where the river will end up tomorrow AM. I mentioned that neither the  weather man or NOAA has  clear picture and they are paid to do it. My crystal ball is in the shop for repair, that wasn't an acceptable answer, I guess.The only thing that matters is the real time graph, all predictions are just that, and can be very mis-leading.

10/26/14 Morning update. Even though the rivers are high and off color, they are absolutely filled with salmon. I have already had no less than a dozen fishermen come through this morning, tagged out, buying ice, and heading for home. Bigger brighter and fishing close in out of the current has been the trick this morning. Large corkies in yellow, bright orange, or glow in the dark white, with roe eggs are working the best. Some are adding extra scent such as anise oil.

 10/26/2014  Wow we got lambasted last night: The rains were very heavy with thunder and lightening and they lasted most of the night. Yesterday afternoon NOAA was calling for a slight river rise of only a two to three inches of river rise for today. What we ended up with was about 17 inches of rapid river rise with the Nestucca topping out at 6.77 feet. Its dark still and I will not get to see or hear much until daylight. My guess at this point is that the river dirtied up.. It is on the drop and should come back in quickly but it may not be real fishable until this afternoon or possibly Monday morning..





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