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We are open from 6:00 A.M. until 4 P.M. Winter season ( Springer season  5.30AM to 5:00 PM Sun - Thurs. 5:30 AM - 6:00 Fri.- Sat. ) seven days a week and we are located 20 minutes South of Tillamook at the junction of Hwy.101 and Hwy. 22  in the town of Hebo, Oregon.  Our location is central to all of the local bays and coastal rivers in Tillamook County and the surrounding area which includes Tillamook Bay, Nestucca bay, Nestucca River, Little Nestucca River , Trask, Kilchis, Siletz, Wilson,  Miami and Tillamook  rivers where some of Oregon's finest Chinook (King) salmon and steelhead fishing takes place.  We offer guided drift boat fishing trips utilizing fly fishing or bait and tackle techniques on all our local rivers daily with the top guides in the area.  We are able to accommodate large groups of 8 or more anglers with advance notice. We also offer guided half day Crabbing or sight seeing trips.  There are  a number of lakes in the area that are stocked with trout year round that make for fun fishing for kids and adults alike.










        10/27/2016 Great day on the river. Fishing went quite well today. The river was in excellent condition, good color and was on the drop all day. If you were one of the twelve shuttles we did today you appreciated that NOAA was  once again was able to scare everyone off with their bogus rain and river projections and there were not many fishermen. Fishing was pretty good we had a nice 32 pounder come in today. Most of the fishing was above Three Rivers it would seem the rain of yesterday brought in another round of salmon. The weather is supposed to cooperate fro the next few days and I'm thinking it will be pretty busy through the week end. Just a note , the deadline for salmon fishing is 1st bridge. ODFW and the sheriffs department made a significant bust with some folks that were fishing from 4th bridge down. Seems they had a few salmon on board when checked above 1st bridge.

   10/21/2016    Salmon fishing on the Nestucca has turned on! The last two days has been super for fall Chinook on the big Nestucca. The river will drop under 7 feet by tomorrow morning. It started to green up two days ago. The color is great and even at just under 8 feet it turned on for those that weren't put off by the high water. The bad news is there will be more fishermen over the next few days as the weather is supposed to stay rain free. The good news was that those that were here the last two days didn't have much competition and the river, as reported to us, is full of salmon. Sand shrimp have been hard to come by as all the bays were experiencing high tides and no where to pump.  For those of you that didn't know, you cannot pump shrimp through water, they die almost immediately. you must pump shrimp onto dry sand and if the bays have too high of a tide there is no where they can pump. Typically after high river levels it takes a couple of days for fresh water to empty from the bay and that combined with higher than normal tides equals no shrimp. We are supposed to have a good supply in the morning.  Our pumper to the north hasn't pumped at all for three days. Our pumper to the south is pumping today. We should have stock tomorrow providing there are no problems.


10/09/2016   Then there was rain !  Wow how things can change!   For weeks all the fishing for salmon was in tidewater at Pacific City. Over the last two days we received enough rain to really bring the Nestucca up and driftable. With the water came the salmon and boy did they come. Fishing Thursday was a little off yet due to some brown water But Friday was on fire . Ditto for today, not so many fishermen as on Friday because many of you got scared off by the false narrative called a weather and river prediction. The rain never came nor did the predicted 7 foot plus river.  Sorry guys that got fooled and stayed home. Oh well I hope football made up for it. The Nestucca rose to 5.81 feet, just the right height, and then went on the drop and fishing was again very good today. It looks to me as though it will fish tomorrow  Wednesday is still a question mark. All the usual baits were working, Eggs, Shrimp, Tuna Bellies, spinners and Kwikfish. What's up with Three Rivers?. Since the water came up there have been some salmon but wow Three Rivers is loaded with bright summer steelhead. Poof , overnight and all the holes below the hatchery were teeming with steelhead. Nice really bright summer steelhead. Go figure.




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