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We are open from 6:00 A.M. until 5: P.M. & Till 4: Sunday Winter season ( Springer season  5.30AM to 5:00 PM Sun - Thurs. 5:30 AM - 6:00 Fri.- Sat. ) seven days a week and we are located 20 minutes South of Tillamook at the junction of Hwy.101 and Hwy. 22  in the town of Hebo, Oregon.  Our location is central to all of the local bays and coastal rivers in Tillamook County and the surrounding area which includes Tillamook Bay, Nestucca bay, Nestucca River, Little Nestucca River , Trask, Kilchis, Siletz, Wilson,  Miami and Tillamook  rivers where some of Oregon's finest Chinook (King) salmon and steelhead fishing takes place.  We offer guided drift boat fishing trips utilizing fly fishing or bait and tackle techniques on all our local rivers daily with the top guides in the area.  We are able to accommodate large groups of 8 or more anglers with advance notice. We also offer guided half day Crabbing or sight seeing trips.  There are  a number of lakes in the area that are stocked with trout year round that make for fun fishing for kids and adults alike.


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                           BIG FISH CONTEST

                          Come by the shop for details. Join before you catch the BIG one!  

                                 1st place: $300. shopping spree  2nd: $150. & 3rd $75.

                                            Hats are in. Got our sweatshirts too.                                                                                   





                                            Fall Hours:

                    Monday thru Saturday 6:AM to 5:PM

                                   Sunday 6:AM to 4:PM 

            Deli Closes 1/2 hour before Closing, can make

            sandwiches or call ahead for hot orders to pick up

                                            Before the kitchen Closes !



                                            Visit Our Sunrise Deli 

  Come have our homemade breakfast's! We make homemade items in our lunch line also

                                                                              Shuttles run ALL day!



  We run shuttles everyday. Come in and bring a key or we will discuss alternate ways to get your rig down where it is waiting for you at the end of your trip. You'll be able to quickly get in the river and start your trip. No running double rigs and trying to find a parking spot. Our experience has been going on 12 years. Bring some $ ones for parking in certain areas. We carry bait, tackle etc. along with breakfast items or even sandwiches to take. If you do come early morning before opening , we do have a box outside the door. Fill out the envelope with all info.



 11/27/17 Hope all had a great Thanksgiving. River is coming down and looking pretty good. Weatherman says good weather every other day alternating with rain. The lower river is starting to see steelhead. Three river and the three rivers boat launch area are seeing bank fishermen. One boat out ,but that should pick up as the river drops. It should be under 7ft by morning. We had a great sunny day today and we are ready with shrimp!


11/10/17 Bright ones coming in. Some of the boats and bank fishermen. Hope this continues as we are expecting rain all next week. Starting to see a few early steelhead .Water has been beautiful. Good Luck fishing and to those hunting! 

10/28/17 Been a busy few days after the storm and the water came up. Nice to see some of you we haven't seen in awhile. Fish are being caught anywhere from 1st bridge to Cloverdale. Sand shrimp, eggs and tuna bellies are being used, as well as lures and quickfish. Take outs have been very full. Please park so others can fit in too, and be sure to bring one's for the parking and access fees. Everyone seems to be enjoying the weather and just being out on the river! Have Fun!

10/04/17 Good day in tidewater. One fellow had his limit mid morning. I heard from several it was a good day.76  more recycled summer steelhead in addition to the 150 recycled last week. Hebo has 80 more stocked trout and South lake and Town lakes have been stocked too.

 09/23/2017 just a note we just received a large shipment of the Simon 3 1/2 spinners made by Hawken fishing. I have never used them but they seem like they are all the rage ,we have been getting requests for them every day. Now we have them!

09/23/2017 Salmon fishing is picking up dramatically. Tide water has been hot for a few days, seems like bobber fishing and spinner fishing have been pretty good. The pro guide squid stingers have been darn hot, as has the traditional blue tip Colorado spinner. The rains definitely perked up the river .We have had a few shuttles the last two days and ,by golly, they are catching a few nice salmon.

09/19/17 Lots of rain! Fish are moving. Fish should be moving up in tidewater into the  Woods area. Some will make into the lower freshwater areas of the Nestucca. They will be fish fish that have been waiting in tidewater. The rains will soak into our dry ground and levels may not stay at the height they are. Our first flushing pushes them up. More rain to come will bring in the fresh fish. Spinners, bait and jigs. Everyone has been waiting for the rains that clean the air, calm the forests and bring in fish! Our BIG FISH contest has been going on. Come and sign up before you go out and catch. Good luck to all!

 09/08/17 Had some rain. Not enough to fill the river but it did refresh the air and cool things down. Summer steelhead still being caught in the river and a few salmon in tidewater. Getting darker earlier? or is it hazy sky? Get ready! Fall is here!

08/28/17 Fall fishing started in tidewater. We are carrying sand shrimp, tackle and great grab breakfasts as you head that way. It is just starting and as we go through the month of September it should get better. We have started the BIG FISH contest. Enter before you get the big one! You have 5 chances to bring that one in! Details are at the shop. It is a little early for the upper tidewater but we will do shuttles from Cloverdale to Pacific City for those wanting to look for Fall Chinook. There are those fishing the Nestucca with bait and some with flies for stealhead and trout. Any time Blue backs will be showing up. We do need some rain eventually to move the fish up. All will happen in good time. Good fishing to all!

07/20/17 A bit of rain to make things fresh and cool.  We are seeing more summer steelhead being caught. Pontoons in the upper river and a few boats anywhere from Farmers down. Good time to check out the river and take notes on holes for the coming fishing months when the water is higher. ODOT has completed the restoration of bank protection at Farmer Creek Wayside for now. Project for the re-do on the bridge is not for several years yet.

07/07/17 Some late Spring Chinook coming in. Chrome bright late ones! We are seeing quite a bit of summer steelhead too. Fishing for some has slowed down but those that are diligent seem to pick up a few. Water is low and a good time to check out the holes in the river for later fall and winter fishing. Fish stealth with invisible line. Quite a few have been using lures like blue fox,buds ect. The flash in the river. Fish hold up in the riffles.    


 For group rental of Castle Rock Camp grounds go to:  www.recreation.gov 



  Check trout stocking dates under calendar events drop down. Family Fishing and Free          fishing weekend are also posted.                                                                      

                             State game Officer   Tip Line 800 452 7888 




                         Deli IS OPEN!! 

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